Rahova-Uranus Community Centre / LaBomba and Offensive of Generosity

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Wednesday, 4th of February 2009, 4 pm

Location: La Bomba Rahova-Uranus Community Centre, 194 Calea Rahovei, next to the Cosbuc flower market
to the public debate:


Due to abusive real estate offensive, the destruction of the Rahova-Uranus community is imminent. We generated this debate in order to emphasize the fact that the economical and social development of an area should not be abusive and against its inhabitant community.

Will address this problem:

Marin Eremia / leader of the Rahova-Uranus community
Mihai Mihalcea si Vava Stefanescu / CNDB
Voicu Radescu / Green Hours
David Schwartz
/ tangaProject

Rahova-Uranus Community Centre was established in may 2007 within the project Construieste-ti Comunitatea! / Ofensiva Generozitatii (Build your community! / Offensive of Generosity) at the initiative of the community members and of the artists involved in the project.

For three years, the Offensive of Generosity Initiative experimented practices of participative democracy in Rahova-Uranus. The artists involved in the project assumed the role of mediators between the Rahova-Uranus community and the local authority, generating spaces of public debate like the Speaker’s Corner on the theme of the evictions and of the short term and long term solutions of the City Hall: The Summit of the Evicted 1(16.10.2006) and 2(20.10.2006) and Whose are the evicted?(23.07.2007)

Generosity Offensive Initiative represented by:

Maria Draghici: tel:0723387447; mail: tekstura@yahoo.com

Irina Gadiuta: tel:0721649746; mail: gandiuta@gmail.com